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Corriedale Sheep & Coloured Corriedale Sheep

Jacob Sheep & Moorit Sheep

Sheep For Sale

#2423 Blue Jay (Jacob Ewe)

#2821 Weld (Moorit Ewe)

#2623 Sky Lark (Jacob Ewe)

#272 Dahlia (Moorit Ewe)

#2711 Maci (Colored Corriedale Ram)


Lambs For Sale

#21030 & #21031 Moorit Ewe Lambs

#21011 (Ewe) & #21010 (Ram) Lambs

#21036 Jacob Ram Lamb

#21019 Colored Corriedale Ewe Lamb

#2101 Corriedale Ewe Lamb

#21028 Colored Corrriedale Ram Lamb



We Specialize In ~ Starter fiber flocks and offer the following:

     Assistance in selecting quality animals


     A flock care program outline

     On call follow up assistance


 The Mt. Bruce Station Flock is a closed flock and OPP Negative Tested also CODON 171 Tested
Corriedale ~ Coloured Corriedale ~ Moorit ~ Jacob


Flock Registration ~

     N.C.W.G.A. ~ Natural Coloured Wool Growers Association

     A.C.A. ~ American Corriedale Association

     J.S.B.A. ~ Jacob Sheep Breeders Association

     Also a member of M.S.B.A. ~ Michigan Sheep Breeders Association


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