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Mt. Bruce Station’s

Sheep For Sale



The Mt. Bruce Station Flock is a closed flock.
 OPP Negative Tested also CODON 171 Tested

We lamb in early March. 
You are welcome to visit the farm and discuss your needs ahead. 
Contact early we always sell out our premium lambs.



Flock Registration ~

     N.C.W.G.A. ~ Natural Coloured Wool Growers Association

     A.C.A. ~ American Corriedale Association

     M.S.B.A. ~ Michigan Sheep Breeders Association

     J.S.B.A. ~ Jacob Sheep Breeders Association

     OPP Society



We Specialize In ~ Starter fiber flocks and offer the following:

     Assistance in selecting quality animals.


     A flock care program outline.

     On call follow up assistance.




Please call 810-798-2568 with your inquiries!


~ 2013 Lambs For Sale ~

Our senior rams and tested addition have again proven their worth!
Our proven ewes did well for us this year. 
Unassisted births and excellent weight gain.
We have great interest last year our
Corriedale Spring Lambs, so come and visit and view.
Excellent records for you to evaluate. Even at 30 days they indicate top quality!

"#2131 Safflower and #2132 Annatto"
Our first ewe lambs of the season,
a twin Moorit ewe.  What a great kick off!

Last Updated on July 11, 2013

 2013 Spring Ram Lambs



Sire: #251 B.C.J.

Dam: #2107 Dollie

#21330 "Otago"


Sire: #1213 Bowen

Dam: #21014 Verbena

#21334 "Laurus"


Sire: #1107 Manitou

Dam: #2710 Forget-Me-Not

#21338 "Waikato"


Sire: #1213 Bowen

Dam: #2007 Lady Bird

#21310 "Dainty's Boy"
Coloured Corriedale


Sire: #2426 Steel

Dam: #2936 Dainty

#21314 "Dopey"
Coloured Corriedale

Sire: #2426 Steel

Dam: #273 Zinnia



 2013 Spring Ewe Lambs

#21326 "Pixie"
Coloured Corriedale

Sire: #2426 Steel

Dam: #21019 Bridget

#2132 "Annatto"


Sire: #21131 Small B

Dam: #2723 Saffron

#2135 "Marigold"


Sire: #21029 Galium

Dam: #21032 Madder

#21333 "Tansy"


Sire: #21029 Galium

Dam: #2821 Weld


Other ewe lambs Coloured Corriedales, Moorits,
Jacobs will be posted later.  Please keep in touch!





Retired Ewes ~
Retired ewes need a new home to live and enjoy their future years.

This had become a very successful program and
we thank all buyers who have purchased and kept them from slaughter.


      Very good disposition, easy to handle.

      Excellent fleeces for hand spinning.

      Perfect for companion animals.

      New to country living? You need sheep! Natural fertilizer,
    peaceful pasture animals for people with small acreage.

      Appropriate animal for people of all ages.

      Up to date on all health, prices starting at $150.

      Age range from 4 to 7 years. 









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