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Mt. Bruce Station is located at ...
6440 Bordman Rd., Romeo Michigan 48065



Spring Fiber Day

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

10am till 4pm

$5 Admission per Person
Under 5 Years ~ No Charge

Spring ~ a season of birth, growth and learning.
Fibers ~ spinning and knitting them together.

We breed the sheep, the ewes have lambs that jump and play, then they grow out lustrous wool for us to use.

We plant the seeds that grow tall and healthy to give us pleasure in our gardens and food on the table.

So continues the CYCLE OF LIFE at Mt. Bruce Station. We invite you to join us for a day in the country and learn how you can also be part of this heritage of the land and fibers and help pass it along to others and future generations.


Spring Fiber Day
at the
Farm Wool Shop
"Quality Above All"


Woolen Yarns
~ For Knitters from Our Michigan Flock to your Fingers ~

Treasure troves of new yarns from our last shearing.

•  Off the Sheep Natural Colours ~ Cream, Charcoal, Moorit & Tweeds, Dk. Wgt. and
                                                           Worsted Wgt., 250 yds. per sk. ~ $10 to $20 per skein

•  Also Plant Dyed Yarns, Painted Yarns & Handspun Yarns


~ Patiently & Skillfully Handknitted By A Group of Loyal Knitters for the Discriminating Buyer ~

New Selection of Handknits from our winter knitting!
•  Crew Neck & Cabled Sweaters
•  Hats, Caps & Scarves
•  Traditional Fisherman Designs
•  Mittens & Socks
•  Cardigans & Vests

Other Wool & Fiber Products

•  Sheepskin Pelts, Slippers & Dusters
•  Wool Batts
•  Wool Filled Pillows
•  Rovings for Handspinning & Crafts
•  Fine Wooled Blankets & Throws


The place to buy one-of-a-kind handmade items from area farms and local artisans.
 Many include regulars from our Sheep & Wool Festival.


For the "Sheepish Gardener"
More than Just Marigolds!

Old Favorites & New Selections
Poppies Galore ~ A must have for your Garden!
Twining Vines ~ Background planting, deck enhancement, privacy screening
English Cottage Dianthus ~ Shade or Sun, Wonderfully Fragrant
Pholx of Sheep, Lavender, Hollyhocks, Hanging Baskets, Moss Lined
Baskets and more!


~ Past 2013 Country Know-How Workshops ~
For the Beginner & Experienced
Register on arrival at the Festival Entrance.
Ages from 12 yrs. to Adult.
Most Workshops are approximately one hour long.
All equipment and materials are included in Workshop Fee.

REGISTER on arrival at the Festival Entrance
OR to PRE-REGISTER and RESERVE your space
please call 810-798-2568.

Old Fashioned Fabric Flowers



Fluffy Butterfly Bonanza

Decorative Felt Soap “Eggs”


Springy Flower Pin


2:00 pm in the South Barn

Looking ahead to enhance or start a top quality fiber flock? 
Our flock is OPP negative and CODON 171 tested.

  •  Proven Productive Ewes
  •  2014 Ram and Ewe Lambs

Select from Corriedales, Coloured Corriedales, Moorit, and Jacob. 
Click each sheep line to see their 2014 Sales Sheet or available in the Main Barn.


A pleasure to spin. Nothing better than a freshly shorn fleece.
Watch the shearing and select your fleece.

We have Corriedale White, Corriedale Coloured, Moorit and Jacob.
All are extremely clean, free of all chaff and vegetation matter. Average staple length is 3.5" to 4".
Our fleeces are highly prized by many spinners and by Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill who process our fleeces into yarns.
For this top quality clean fleece that is heavily skirted, very clean,
and ready to spin even without washing the prices are $18 per pound.
Average weight 4 to 5 pounds of the prime quality of the fleece.

Grade A ~
* Clean
* Uniform Fiber, Crimp & Length
* Prime for Handspinning
* Excellent Breed Character

The "Other Wool" ~ No Charge
Skirting, Head, Belly, Leg ~ Used for Insulation or Mulch

Luncheon & Beverages!
As always, we offer you our own Farm Grill Luncheon. It is our belief that when you visit Mt. Bruce Station the food we serve you should be and will be as good as the sheep, gardens and friends that you meet.
Food Grill ~ 11am till 4pm

~ Farm Raised Lamb ~
For people that care about what they eat and where it comes from. Our farm raised lamb is from very healthy animals raised outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. No steroids or antibiotics. VARIOUS CUTS AVAILABLE.
Purchase your favorite cuts at the Food Grill.


Farm Raised Lamb ... for the Sunday Table
The perfect cut is a rack of lamb, of course.
Original Recipe By: Yvonne Uhlianuk of Mt. Bruce Station


Rack of Lamb with Fresh Plum & Ginger Marinade
* 1 lamb rack, 8 ribs, approx. 1 1/2 lbs. trimmed weight
* 10 oz. red plums (3 medium)
* 3 Tb. onion, finely minced
* 1/2 tsp. fresh ginger root, peeled & finely minced
* 1/2 cayenne pepper (fresh or dried), finely minced, approx. 1/8 tsp.
* 1/4 c. damson plum or plain white vinegar
* 3 whole allspice berries, cracked
* 2 Tb. plum or red currant jelly
* 2 Tb. olive oil

Directions: Lightly score the back of rack in a diamond pattern without penetrating skin.
     Pit plums and cut each into 8 wedges: combine with all remaining ingredients in a blender or food processor and process until plums are finely minced. Coat rack well on all sides with this mixture and let marinate at room temperature 2 hours, turning and basting 4 times. Use a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to gently scrape off marinate and reserve it.
     Have fire at 450 and grill surface 4" from coals. Sear meat for 2 minutes bone side down. 2 minutes fat side down and 2 minutes on end to seal and brown all sides.
     Spread fire apart or move meat to lower heat section, or raise grill to 6" from flame to reduce temperature to 350 . Put meat bone side down and spread half the reserved marinade over it. Cook 8 minutes. Turn rack fat side down and spread with remaining marinade. Cook another 10 minutes. Let rest 10 minutes then carve. Meat should be rare to medium rare.



December 6th & 7th, 2014
Noon till 4 pm
Always the first full weekend in December.


Come to a special place to
 find a special gift.




Handknit Sweaters, Hats, Scarves & Mittens
Sheepskin Pelts & Slippers

Invest $5 or $50 for a very thoughtful
handmade local gift from the farm.
All the best gifts for your family, friends, and yourself!



Sheepskin Pelts From Our Sheep


Wonderful for Christmas!

Visit the Farm Wool Shop page for details

Farm Wool Shop Highlights...
Handspun yarns, Farm Yarns, Woolen Yarns, Handknitted Sweaters, Vests, Scarves, Socks, Hats, Cardigans;

Wool Filled Pillow, Blankets, Christmas Decorations & Ornaments, Sheepskin Dusters, Sheepskin Pelts, Felting Batts & Kits, Fleeces, Rovings and other goodies that are warm and toastie!

 ~ Mt. Bruce Station Flock Yarns for Handknitters ~
Cream ~ Grey ~ Charcoal
Moorit and Tweeds
Some D.K. Wgt., Some Worsted
Wide range of dyed colours in wool & wool/kid mohair blend.
250 yd. per sk. from $12

~ Family Gifts From The Farm ~
Queen Size Wool Filled Pillow
Full of chemical free soft carded wool, a perfect dream to sleep on.

Decorative Throw Cushions
Border Collies or Sheep Motif, filled with chemical free soft carded wool

~ Mt. Bruce Station's Authentic Christmas Decorations ~
Felted Red Santa's and Luxurious Woolen Angels & Woolly Tree Ornaments

~ Fleece Lined Mittens ~
Warm woolen mittens to ward off the wind and rain. The tufted fleece lining
is the best winter comfort your could ever imagine.
 Available in both men's and women's sizes. Many splendid colours to choose from.

~ Sheepskin Slippers ~
A tan colour sheepskin slipper with an interior lining of cozy warm wool.
Please look at our Farm Wool Shop page to select your size!

~ Mt. Bruce Station Hat Collection ~
Shepherd's Flap Hat
We shepherds at the farm cannot get through the winter without them.
This is a handknitted "specialty" has flaps to cover your ears, a tie down under your chin to hold it on.
Select your own colours.
Men's & Women's sizes available.

Pull On Caps
Snug & warm with a turn up rib, but large enough to cover your cold ears during these upcoming cold months.
S, M, L sizes available.

Farm Raised Lamb For The Holiday Table
For people who care about what they eat and where it comes from. Our farm raised lamb is from very healthy animals, raised outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. No steroids or antibiotics. All cuts available for your holiday table and your winter freezer supply.
Call Your Order Ahead @ 810-798-2568